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Nine2Three Blog

18JunLooking Up: Growth, Employment and Wages

Posted on 18/06/2018 by Nine2Three

In 2018, Australia is experiencing its 27th year since the last recession, one of the longest periods of growth experienced by a nation in the modern era.

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4JunRecruitment Procedure

Posted on 4/06/2018 by Nine2Three

Clients hear about 923|Recruitment & HR from a variety of sources; from our marketing and publicity initiatives, directly from our website, from previous clientís word of mouth referrals and from returned business from existing clients. While we specialise in white collar roles, we have placed our candidates into full-time, part-time, casual and temporary positions, all over Sydney in a variety of small and large businesses. Our staff pride themselves on providing superior customer service in all aspects of the recruitment process.

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23MayIs your business suffering from Absenteeism?

Posted on 23/05/2018 by Nine2Three

Did you know that it is suggested that the cost of one of your workers being absent from work for one day is $578! Absenteeism costs around $44 Billion dollars every year to Australia and quite apart from the monetary aspect other issues such as lower moral amongst other workers, the inefficiencies from having to utilise workaround scenarios to get the job done and lost productivity to the business makes absenteeism a huge problem.

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6MayWorking in the Gig Economy Ė Good or Bad?

Posted on 6/05/2018 by Nine2Three

There are many different opinions on the Gig economy as a structure for work. On the positive side, it allows an unregistered marketplace, where people can decide for themselves what they want to buy and sell. It allows individuals who may not have access to specific work to cut through the middle man and sell their abilities directly to the buyer. It allows people to make extra income through leveraging their assets, be they a car, home, lawn mower, brain or own physical labour. It allows an unregulated flow of work and is an entrepreneurs wonderland!

Posted in I Need a Job | I Need Staff

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20AprGot a workflow problem Ė Temps could be the answer!

Posted on 20/04/2018 by Nine2Three

Temps can assist your business in a number of ways and there are a number of ways you can use temps. The traditional scenario is you have a worker on leave for a period of time and you engage a temp to assist you over this time. But there are also long term temps. Perhaps you just do not want to employ. Perhaps you donít want the hassles of replacing a staff member when they leave or you donít want the hassle of payroll. Whatever the reason, you can engage a temp for as long as you want.

Posted in Building Business | I Need Staff

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